Permission to use the Institute marks.

Any request to use Virginia Military Institute marks must be submitted to this office for approval. We recognize two classes of requests: 

  • For items intended for sale, whether by an internal VMI organization for fundraising purposes or by a non-VMI organization. These requests, if approved by us, are forwarded to our licensing agency for commercial. Royalties apply.
  • For internal VMI organizations that are not selling items. Generally, these items relate to the promotion of VMI or of an internal VMI organization. These requests must be approved by this office. Royalties do not apply. 

Any use other than those above is considered by this office on a case-by-case basis.

Internal use is defined as a use by the Institute, including offices, departments, and activities of the Institute, officially recognized cadet organizations, and by the offices of the VMI Alumni Agencies for promotional activities and not for sale.

This memorandum describes in general terms the philosophy behind our policy and should not be considered as authorizing the use of a VMI mark for any purpose. Each use of a mark must be approved individually by this office.

Contact Maj. Kelcey Troxell for permission to use VMI marks.