Standards and Guides

Guidelines for presenting Virginia Military Institute in a cohesive way to all audiences, internal and external.

The visual identity style manual includes VMI's logo, colors, and additional branding marks and graphics. In the near future, it will also offer templates for various official communication and presentation materials. If you have questions, contact us for guidance.

VMI's Communication and Marketing department is the authority to oversee and facilitate correct implementation of the VMI Identity Standards Manual.

The manual consist of an integrated system of graphic elements, including:

  • Logo, lettermark, crest and seal
  • Color palette
  • Fonts

Consistent use of these elements will reinforce our visual identity, presenting VMI’s communications in a unified manner across the Institute.

Applications of these elements include official stationery, admissions publications, digital media presentations, the Institute website, and licensed merchandise.

The guidelines exist to assist communicators in the consistent, integrated, effective use of the Institute’s brand across all media, print and electronic.

Offices of VMI are covered by the Institute Identity Standards Policy, General Order No. 42.

No entity, internal or external to VMI, may use or alter marks, brands, or logos unless given specific authorization. Exceptions to standards enumerated in this manual will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not approved unless specifically stated when authorization is given.

The Institute reserves the right to reject delivery of materials containing unauthorized or incorrect use of the enclosed guidelines.

To request a digital file of a logo or official mark or if you have questions regarding the VMI visual identity, contact: Maj. Kelcey Troxell, Marketing Manager